GARY LAWSON caught two personal bests on a prolific mixed day with angling legend Bob James.

Bob James guided Pershore, Worcestershire-based Gary when he travelled south.

Hampshire’s River Itchen was the location for his meet up with the famous face, best known for starring  alongside Chris Yates in TV’s A Passion For Angling.

Gary included PB 2 lb 14 oz grayling (pictured below) plus 6 lb chub in the mixed bag using trotted maggot.

The 36-year-old fabricator welder explained: “After fishing a few swims without a bite, Bob suggested a swim which might produce a bite or two and he was right.

“As soon as I struck into the bite I knew it was a good grayling but to be a fish of a lifetime like that I was amazed and shocked.

“The chub was 6 lb (pictured below) – and what a lump it was… I do love fishing!

“I also had three other chub over 5 lb, perch to 2 lb, dace to 10 oz, roach to 1 lb 8 oz and plenty of trout.

“It was a great day’s fishing with Bob and I learned loads.

“Bob’s full of great knowledge and knows the swims very well.

“If the bites dry up he will always suggest something and it will always work. He’s also a very nice person,” he added.

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