FAMOUS trout water Blagdon Lake in Somerset is opening for 14 days of pike fishing for the very first time for two weeks in October.

But anyone wishing to enjoy the unique opportunity at Blagdon (pictured above) will need deep pockets. And it will be restricted to fly fishing only on the 440-acre venue.

Huge pike are expected but the venue controllers and locals are biting their lip exactly how big they could grow.

Like its much larger neighbour, 1,200 acre Chew Valley, the water is controlled by Bristol Water Fisheries.

They report that the demand has already been incredible despite the price of £400 per boat for two anglers.

Applicants are invited to put forward their names for a draw to hire a boat for the day.

Blagdon rated a ‘premium product’

A spokesman said: “We’ve had over 100 individual entries into the draw so far and for this reason we have decided to lower the limit of boats anglers are permitted to have.

“Instead of entering everyone’s name twice into the draw we have decided to enter them just once.

“If customers wish to try for more boats during the 14 days of fishing for pike they may enter one of our auctions on eBay.

“Keep an eye on our eBay, Facebook and website pages for further information.

“It’s expensive but we believe pike fishing at Blagdon Lake will be considered as a premium product.

“Previous surveys carried out by our team have indicated that there are some particularly special pike found in the lake,” he added.

Another large Chew pike puts up a lively scrap… and soon Blagdon could also produce some fantastic sport.

Ace pike fly man John Horsey is in no doubt about Blagdon’s potential. He will be operating one of the two guided boats available at the auction and has caught pike to 40 lb 8 oz on the fly at Chew.

John remarked: “This is a golden opportunity for people to catch some monsters and I’m not surprised there is so much interest.

“I know many pike anglers will be disappointed that lures and deadbaits will not be allowed but this is a much smaller water than Chew and we don’t want to risk the pike getting hammered.”

“There are not many silver bait fish and perch in Blagdon unlike at Chew and even the large pike do feed regularly on flies,” he added

Only five boats will be available during weekdays via the draw, and six at weekends via the auction, including a boat for Bristol Water Guided pike fly fishing days.

The live draw for boats will take place at Woodford Lodge on Friday, August 11, at 7.30pm. The fishery is encouraging interested parties to come and watch this draw in person.

The organisers are planning to live stream it via the Bristol Water Fisheries Facebook page for those unable to make it.

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