A KIND-HEARTED Angler’s Mail columnist hopes to raise over £2,000 for a homeless charity after making over 1,000 floats.

Bill Rushmer has been making the most of the coronavirus lockdown by creating 1,220 beautiful floats to help struggling homeless people.

Top all-round angler Bill told Angler’s Mail how he has been extra busy over the past few weeks of lockdown. And he’s done it to help others.

Bill said: “In total, I have 1,220 floats in stock. I make them in batches of 20, about 40 a week.

“Ace Tackle & Baits, at Kiddlington, in Oxford, and The Bournemouth Fishing Lodge, in Dorset, will be selling them.

“Prices average between £2.50 and £3, depending on the model and size. The patterns are various, and what the shop wants.

“Oddly, the 10 and 8 g balsa-on-cane Avons are very popular, but the 6.5 and 3.75 g versions are also fairly popular.

“Wagglers of all types are good sellers, as are Avons and sticks with steel stems.”

Bill Rushmer float cash goes to homeless corps

Bill, a former chemistry teacher, added: “All the money that I get goes to the Salvation Army Winton Corps for the Homeless.

“The corps takes in the homeless every Monday for a two-course meal with hot drinks in their 70-seat café, rather than on the street, where they are waited on.

“Some clothing is also distributed, but with the coronavirus we are serving the homeless from an emergency van.

“About four months ago, a lad approached me before the meal asking could we provide some food for the day after, as he was off to a Salvation Army detox centre, which was a long way off and he could not afford railway station prices.

“He showed me his travel warrant, and the army gave him a food hamper for the trip.

“Four months later, we heard he had gone through detox and was off the drink and had both a job and a flat. I think we have a good success rate,” added Christchurch, Dorset-based Bill.

You can learn lots from Bill Rushmer, including tackle and bait DIY, by reading his regular columns in Angler’s Mail magazine.

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Set of ready-made float rigs

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