THE largest tench of the season so far has been landed – by a carp angler who spotted a big tinca in the margin so changed tactics to target it.

The 12 lb 3 oz giant pictured above, a Frimley complex record and personal best, was caught by Wychwood Tackle’s consultant Rick Hurley.

The catch tops Gary Newman’s recent 2016 best by just 2 oz – and by reporting the stunning catch to Angler’s Mail he is a weekly big prize winner in our Korum Specimen Cup competition.

Walton-on-Thames, Surrey-based Rick explained: “I watched the fish feeding clearly. It was very wary and was steering clear of my rig and only feeding on the smaller 10 mm boilies.

“I decided to reel in, scale everything down and see if I could get it to pick up my hook bait.

“My new rig was positioned and sure enough the bite came within half an hour.

Great tench potential at venue

“My PB was 11 lb 6 oz before. I think the potential for Frimley to do a really big tench is high, there have been a few doubles caught over the years from most of the lakes on the complex.

“The waters are very rich in natural food and the water quality is extremely good. Being such a famous set of carp lakes producing carp in excess of 50 lb-plus, the tench are never really fished for.

“It also has large male tench as I caught one of 8 lb 6 oz last year,” he concluded.

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