ANGLER’S MAIL can reveal a 3 lb 12 oz monster believed to be the biggest roach from a British river for many years.


Josh Fisher, who is sometimes seen in John Bailey’s Angler’s Mail column, had persevered on the undisclosed river in southern England for months despite not catching a single roach during that time, before finally hooking into the fish of a lifetime, setting a new PB in the process.

Josh, a 24-year-old tattoo artist, from Norwich, Norfolk, revealed: “I’d spent the last few years fishing a local stillwater after a fish that was around 4 lb but I never managed to catch it.

“This particular river is one I’ve been fishing for years but everyone thought the roach had gone and no one was fishing it.

“Last year I managed to catch a few smaller roach and also saw a really big one roll, and I now think it must have been this fish.

“This season I caught a roach of just under 2 lb on my first session, but then went five months without a bite from one, and that was despite fishing it a couple of times a week.”

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