HOW big was Britain's biggest common carp in this picture? We may never know as the captor only had scales going to 60 lb!

In an astonishing week for giant carp, Britain’s biggest common carp was landed…  although its exact weight on this occasion will never be known.

RH Fisheries regular Matt Timmins had only been fishing Shropshire’s The Avenue syndicate for two hours when he hooked into the huge specimen.

Known as Tarka, is is recognised as the biggest common carp in this country. It was caught last year at 64 lb.

But in its latest capture, the weight is being logged as ‘at least 61 lb 10 oz’.

That’s after the 60 lb scales were wound back to try and get as close as possible to what it weighed.

Speaking to Angler’s Mail from the bank, the 32-year-old from West Bromwich, West Midlands, explained: “I have been a syndicate member since it opened as the fishery is only about 15 miles from home, I can go for day sessions quite often.

“This morning I arrived later than usual as I had visited my Dad on his birthday first.

“I chose a swim which has produced for me before in spring and I baited with a kilo of boilies and a tin of corn.

“I had only been fishing for a couple of hours when I had a rather finicky bite a bit more like a bream.

“But as soon as I struck it shot off taking about 25 yards of line, and then took about 20 minutes to land.

“I have Reuben Heaton scales which only go up to 61 lb (when wound back) and they banged down to that weight so it must have gone a few pounds over.

“Unfortunately I was the only person fishing the lake and no-one from the fishery was around to dash for other scales and I didn’t want to keep the fish out of the water for too long.

“Sadly, therefore, I will never know its true weight, but I’m thrilled to have caught the biggest fish in the lake and a new PB for me.

“On top of that I have now caught all the three big commons in the lake, Ellie, my previous PB at 49 lb 9 oz and JW that went 41 lb 10 oz and now Tarka.

“I used Retro Baits Shropshire Gold boilies with a wafter hair-rigged on a size 6 wide shank hook, fluorocarbon hooklink with a 2.5 oz in-line lead.

“I only ever fish days and it is good lake for day bites, and produces well this time of year.

“I will certainly be home tonight in time for a celebratory pint or two at the pub at the end of the road.

“I enjoy carp fishing but when the lake is closed for a rest in June, I’m happy to pursue the barbel on the Severn, where, in contrast to my carping, I can fish for regular bites not just the occasional specimen,” added the 33-year-old newspaper distributor.

‘Great to see biggest common carp’

Fishery owner Rob Hales said: “It was great to see Tarka come out again although a shame not to know its exact weight – it was caught last year at 64 lb.

“We called it Tarka as it was ottered in the stock pond when young damaging the tail.

“I am confident that there will now be two more 60s in The Avenue, Last Star, which came out last year at 56 lb and Sweet Cheeks at 57 lb 10 oz.

“Well done to Holme Fen for producing the huge brace – it’s the fishery to beat for the next few years, with fish of the same strain as mine,” Rob added.

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