THIS chunky 60 lb 6 oz mirror carp from Kent is the biggest of 2011 and YOU can catch it.

The Elphicks North Lake whacker has been piling on the pounds as it readies itself for winter.

The latest captor is big carp ace Rob Marsh, who has been targeting the popular venue with the intent of getting to grips with the big girl.

It’s the first time the might mirror has topped the 60 lb mark, and has left many wondering whether it will steal the British Record crown from Conningbrook’s Two Tone which retains the record at 67 lb 8 oz when Austin Holness banked it in August 2008.

Rob’s successful set up included a 14 mm Mainline Cell with half a pineapple pop up with a fluoro maggot soaked in Hinders Betalin as a hair stop. This was mounted on a size 6 Haula hook to a 15 lb Jell-E-Wire hook link.

For the full picture and story, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.