BIG TENCH fans look this way.... here's the heaviest tench to be reported so far in 2017.

Big tench waters abound in Kent, but the secret 15 acre pit that produced this 13 lb 2 oz cracker is truly special.

Robert Batters smashed his PB by 4 lb with the monster 13 lb 2 oz tinca in the 48-hour session.

The Rainham, Kent-based tiler told Angler’s Mail: “I spent an hour on afternoon arrival leading around to find a suitable spot to fish due to heavy weed growth and then baited up with 4 kg of hemp and corn.

“Hookbait was a 15 mm whittled down Proper Carp Baits garlic and blue cheese wafter with a small yellow topper.

Rob used a wafter for his awesome big tench.

“I started to see a couple of good fish roll over the baited spot, then the take came at four the next morning.

“After a good fight I slipped the net under it and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I parted the mesh to see this special old fish.”

Big tench water’s hidden rewards

Robert continued: “It truly is the fish of a lifetime and one of the nicest tench I’ve ever seen.

“There are actually bigger tench in the venue as the record is 14 lb-plus, and it holds big carp and bream as the water is very weedy and rich.

“My previous PB tench was 9 lb, and I have had carp to 32 lb 4 oz and bream to 14 lb 8 oz.

“I’m just starting now on a new venue of around 50 acres that is very snaggy and weedy with some very big tench and carp, very low stocked with only around 25 carp present,” he added.

Rob’s rig was 5 ins of ESP Tungsten Loaded green soft knotless knot to a size 8 Korda wide gape hook.

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