ALL-ROUNDER Lee Chatfield turned his attention to tench after a great piking campaign last winter and proved he has the tinca touch with this 9 lb 11 oz specimen in a huge haul.


Burgess Hill, West Sussex-based Lee, 39, who works for Sutton and East Surrey Water, tackled a secret local gravel pit for 19 fish in a rare 48 hour ‘long’ session.

He added others of 9 lb 1 oz, 8 lb 10 oz and seven others over 7 lb using either worm or maggot fished on a block-end feeder helicopter bolt rig fished over Sonubaits Supercrush green groundbait and the new maggot fishmeal with 2 mm bloodworm pellets.

Lee’s also a big fan of catching tench on float tackle, as he explained clearly here in a blog for the Angler’s Mail website.

Lee said: “I’ve had bigger hauls of tench quantity wise and one double but this catch is one of my best because of the quantity of quality fish.

“I only get to do short sessions because of family commitments and can’t see out for very long session’s like a lot of the spessy world.

“The conditions were ideal and my tactics were right. The bailiff who I fished with is one of the Korum lads who had eight tench in 72 hours so I was very pleased with my result of 19 in 48 hours. I rarely fish longer than 24 hours,” Lee concluded.

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