MATT JONES has set a new venue record for Wingham Fisheries with this true English 49 lb 12 oz beauty – and the Kent venue could well become the premier big carp water in the country.

Tackling the 15-acre Carp Lake, Matt had a brilliant two night session by adding a 39 lb 12 oz common plus others of 29 lb 6 oz, 29 lb and 26 lb 6 oz.

But both this lake and the neighbouring 40 acre Coarse Lake are expected to produce bigger fish and the complex could be No.1 for true English 40s and 50s and possibly bigger in the future.

The 39-year-old salesman from Croydon, South London, saw fish topping over shallow water at 60 yards despite a hard overnight frost and offered Mainline Cell boilies with PVA bags over the top.

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