RIVER carp don’t come much more impressive than this 35 lb 4 oz common caught from the Cam by former angling guide Mark Tovell.

Mark, who lives on a boat on the nearby Old West River, landed the big ‘un along with other commons of 26 lb, 21 lb and 18 lb, plus a 26 lb 14 oz mirror over a four-day period.

He revealed: “I’ve had carp to 49 lb from my syndicate water but have been after one like this from the river for years and it is my first common over 30 from there – my previous best from the Cam was a 33 lb 8 oz mirror.

“The spot I had it from is one I’ve fished for seven or eight years and have never had anything big, but I always trickle some bait in every time I go past.

“I always use boilies as all particles tend to do is make the bream move in and clear a big area in the weed and then the carp move off! I came up with this bait with Gary Bayes from Nash and I call it ‘The Ooze’!

“The spot is amongst some cabbages on the edge of some lilies – I like fishing where there is cover and as long as they’re not too thick you can get through to the bottom with a heavy lead. the fish move over this area to get to a shallow spot they like sitting in at the back of the pads.

“I had the big one close to the boat a few times and could see the size of it before I landed it and it made my knees shake a bit!

“I catch all my fish during daylight at this time of the year,” he added.

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