THE unofficial biggest carp in the country could appear in a lake near you – and at a bigger weight!

Big Rig was caught last year at a peak weight of 71 lb 4 oz from Shropshire’s The Avenue and boss Rob Hales is set to sell on her offspring.

And Rob thinks the new generation of Britain’s biggest ever confirmed carp – that was rejected by the British Record Fish Committee as she’d been grown on in a holding pool – could easily get as big.

RH Fisheries’ owner Rob explained: “I set up the carp fish farm in 2014 with small fry from similar stock.

“We have bred from Big Rig and they are thriving, but we will grow them on and they won’t be ready for sale until November 2019 when they will be in the C3 class.

“She was a very fast growing fish herself and I have every confidence that her progeny will be the same and who knows might produce a record breaker.

“Business is now booming and we sold out of stock before the festive season began with our similar strains.

“We currently sell C2 samples that are two summers old and in the 3-5 lb bracket for £75 each, and C3s between 7-9 lb at £150.

“We have had record sales, delivering all over the country from Cornwall to Glasgow.

“Our biggest sale was to a customer in Lancashire who bought 65 fish.

“Our prices are higher than many, but customers know they are getting a quality product from a very good strain of large growing specimens

“We have now re-stocked our fish farm with one and two year old superfreaks and will be selling them for delivery in November this year,” he added.

Anyone who want to order fish can e-mail on or call on 01952 463141.

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