BIG pike mecca pike Chew Valley saw this 39 lb 4 oz specimen in its latest trials - falling Kev Shore, who also had a PB of 39 lb 12 oz back in February.

Big pike ace Kevin, from Cheshire, had this monster on float-fished smelt in about 14 feet of water over a rougher ground area at the vast Somerset lake.

Kevin explained: “It came the day after storm Brian hit and strangely was on the same day as the 42 lb 12 oz fish came out.

“I am not too bothered about twice just missing the 40 lb mark as to me 38 lb was always what I regarded as the hallmark of a giant.

“I am fortunate to have now landed seven over 35 lb from three different waters, the first going back as far as 1989.

“Chew is a spectacular fishery which I fish whenever I can although I also go to Ireland six or seven times a year for the pike on the big lochs.

“I even brought over a special high side metal boat from Holland to better cope with the rough conditions,” he concluded.

Big pike Top 5 headed by…. you can guess!

Writing recently in Angler’s Mail magazine, big pike historian Neville Fickling selected his top 5 big pike waters, based upon current form.

You may not be too surprised to know that he selected Chew Valley as No.1 on his big pike chart.

Nev said about Chew: “No.1 for me which has produced huge pike consistently for the last five years and shows no signs of easing up, and large30s and even 40s are on the cards.

“Mind you I wouldn’t want anyone to think that it is an easy water – I fished four whole days there last week and blanked although my boat partner did catch,” added Nev.

You can read Nev in full in Angler’s Mail print magazine, exclusively sharing his varied views on the big pike scene and pike tactics.

The British pike record remains at 46 lb 13 oz, on the list run by the British Record Fish Committee.

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