PAUL HARRIMAN isn’t focused on actual weights of fish but was pleased with this seriously big pike that gave a very twitchy bite from a Bedfordshire gravel pit.

The 38-year-old sales manager explained: “I had a dropped run on a legered sardine, so I cast my second rod, sardine again but on a float set-up, in to the same area and gave it a few twitches.

“The float slightly cocked but nothing else, but I could feel the fish through the braid so leant in to it to be met with solid resistance that then took off at a good speed and with power.

“Landing the fish was hampered with all the marginal rushes so after seeing the size of the fish waded in, leaving my net up the bank so a few heart stopping moments as I ended up chinning her after she had become snagged in some tough old roots of the reeds and rushes.

“My fishing has been limited to just short daytime sessions at weekends as have a new born baby boy at home.”

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