BIG carp fan Sam Walker is 78... and had the fish of his life with this huge mirror.

Big carp mecca, Essex’s Fryerning Fisheries, was the scene for his mega catch, known as ‘Gurm’, at a PB weight of 55 lb 4 oz.

The 78-year-old from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, scattered 2 kg of ready-made Mainline Hybrid boilies over a hard clay spot amongst silt at 40 yards.

Sam said: “It is easily my PB. What a stunning fish. I was so pleased after being a member for some time at this wonderful safe and secure venue.”

Charlie Knowles, who manages the big carp water, added: “Obvious Sam and everyone else are absolutely delighted with the capture considering his age and what a gentleman Sam is.”

A giant stone statue (above) graces the banks of Fryerning and made national news last summer when it was unveiled. Big carp fans have been paying homage… and some say it’s brought them luck!

Charlie Knowles told Angler’s Mail at the time: “My dad Chris’s pal Alistair Smith is an artist and sculptor so we decided to commission the ‘carp god’ for a bit of a laugh.

“It took him six months the create and is 8 ft high with carp scales on the back and weighs 3.5 tonnes so took a bit of work to get in.

“It looks nice looking across the main lake and is £3,500 well spent,” he added.

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