BIG CARP carp ace David Gaskin followed up his amazing 102 lb brace of a 59 lb 8 oz mirror and 42 lb 8 oz common with another stunning haul.

Returning to the same £1,500-a-year Berkshire big carp mecca, Wellington Country Park, David had simultaneous takes this time from mirrors of 43 lb 4 oz and 50 lb 8 oz.

And the following day he added a 48 lb giant.

Littlehampton, West Sussex-based David said: “I arrived to see the sight of one of the big ghosties leaping out tight to the island. This greeted me no less than five times in about ten seconds.

“I was more than happy to be fishing in the same swim on the same spots as I was a few weeks previous when I had a session of a lifetime. Understandably, my confidence was high.

“I got the rods out to island as well as they could be and sticked out around a kilo of CC Moore Odyssey XXX over the two spots.

“There was a slight frost that night, which hampered my confidence a little.

Two big carp switch on together

David continued: “As the temperatures peaked I received a bite.

“The fish stripped line immediately and just as I managed to turn it at all of about 160 yards, my other island rod registered an absolute ripper! A double take on Welly is as rare as rocking horse doo-doo.

“Eventually, I towed the first in and grabbed the second rod. This fish felt a lot heavier, almost too heavy.

“The remainder of the battle felt weird and the cause for this was revealed when the tips of a large branch the fish must have picked up broke the waters surface. It was a heart in mouth moment because as the branch rose up out of the water I thought it was all over.

“The size 6 Gardner Mugga held firm! I bundled the beast, branch and tangled line in the net with a wry smile knowing it was a good ‘un!”

The big carp rush didn’t end at two fish – David Gaskin completed a hat-trick with this 48-pounder.

David added: “Next day I decided to move onto the showing fish. I swapped the leads over to lighter, more discreet 2 oz distance pears and flicked out some Northern Specials on Munnie rigs once again.

“I was certainly on fish and within minutes the move had been justified, I was attached to another angry carp.

“At 48 lb it topped off an already perfect session, three carp for over 141 lb.

“Welly never ceases to amaze me!” he added.

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