SPESSY ace Phil Morton proved heavy baiting can pay even on day sessions.

Big bream starred in a truly sensational haul for Phil – one that also included carp. It involved using nearly 150 lb of feed!

Tackling Walthamstow No.1 Reservoir on the prolific north east London day ticket complex, firefighter Phil took 29 big bream weighing double-figures.

The slabs ran to 14 lb 12 oz plus he netted carp to 25 lb during the hectic trip.

The 39-year-old, from Chessington, Surrey, told Angler’s Mail: “It was an amazing day and I only had two bream under 10 lb.

“Amongst these fish were a number of carp to 25 lb with a couple of recent stockies which already look like old London warriors.

“This really pleased me to see the carp stocks already recovering from the fish kill last year and proving good sport.

“During this trip I got through 65 kilos of bait which consisted of hemp, crushed maize and Vitalin as bulking ingredients with Bait-Tech’s The Juice’ groundbait and stick mix. And I put in 500ml liquids in Berry and Scopex flavours to provide a significant amount of attraction.

“I also included a gallon of maggots and 5 kilos of Bloodworm Micro Pellet mix to hold the huge shoals of big bream which continually move around the lake.”

Carp also featured in Phil's haul, dominated by big bream.

Carp also featured in Phil’s haul that was dominated by big bream.

Big bream tactics and tackle

Phil continued: “I Spomb continuously over the rigs at 90 yards which holds the big bream in the area.

“If a bite isn’t forthcoming a few Spombs over the top usually sees the indicators dancing once again.

“I fished helicopter rigs consisting of 3 ft of ESP leadcore to a 3 oz zip style lead.

“The hooklength consists a 10 inch length of fluorocarbon with a hair-rigged piece of corn stopped with a fake maggot.

“I then thread seven maggots onto a size 10 hook and balance the hookbait with a no.8 shot on the hair.

“This ensures the hookbait jumps into the fishes mouth as they hoover across the bed of bait.

“Main line consists of 10 lb E-S-P Synchro XT which enables long distance casting whilst providing good abrasion resistance with the large amount of weed now in the lake,” concluded the Surbiton Angling Centre consultant.

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