SPECIMEN rudd have made a big impression during the spring and summer- and few catches rival this one!


James Thomson returned to the secret water he found and ended up with a dream rudd brace of 3 lb 4 oz (pictured above) plus another of 2 lb 14 oz (below).

After a break, James finally got round to a few sessions after rudd at his secret forgotten pond  revealed exclusively by Angler’s Mail magazine, with both breaking his former PB.

Lincoln-based John explained: “After a couple of short sessions floating caster and sweetcorn, I just couldn’t seem to wade through the thousands of smaller samples.

“I knew I had to persevere and that my time would come where I would bag one of the big girls.

“I had been given some Miracle Baits Expander pellets by a matchman pal of mine as they initially float and then begin to slowly sink as they absorb more water. They were perfect for the baiting situation I was trying to achieve.

“Everything went to plan from here and there were soon golden shoulders breaking the surface gently taking the pellets.

“I kept feeding the pellet whilst setting up the old Drennan Tench Float and Shimano Stradic reel and soon got a bait in the water,” said James.


“The bite didn’t take long to happen and instantly I knew it was a better fish. Too good to be a rudd, I thought. A flash of gold soon dismissed that doubt and into the net she went.

“At 2 lb 14 oz a new PB. It’s a cliché I know, but ‘like buses’, it wasn’t long before another PB came along with the lovely 3 lb 4 oz specimen falling for the tactic.

“I left the pond pretty happy that night. But there are still at least a couple bigger so there may be more to tell soon,” he enthused.

James’s biggest rudd of 3 lb 4 oz made  him a winner of £100 of Korum tackle in the Angler’s Mail Korum Specimen Cup.

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