IN-FORM John Mott is having a great season on his beloved River Trent and had a huge hit of whiskers when he was invited onto the Collingham stretch as a guest.

In a two-day session, John recorded an amazing 31 doubles and five smaller barbel topped by a double-take of the best two at 15 lb 4 oz and 14 lb 7 oz.

He even had time to go for predators and winkled out a 21 lb pike on a roach deadbait.

The 44-year-old maintenance engineer from Lincolnshire said: “I set up downstream of the weir in one of the pegs not usually targeted by the hoards.

“I baited on the edge of the gravel just short of half way with crushed 18mm test baits from Dave Mallin and my first Barbel coming at 8.30pm at 11 lb 4 oz – I was quietly confident I might get a couple.

“Daytime was relatively dead apart from four barbel but the night was totally the opposite.

“The two biggest came at once and I added another 14-pounder, three 13s, seven 12s, ten 11s  and eight 10s,” he added.

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