PAUL MURFIN showed the benefits of a prebaiting campaign on Nottinghamshire’s River Trent with this specimen 17 lb barbel.

The 42-year-old forklift driver kept trickling in Trent Baits’s Freshwater Shrimp 16 mm boilies and then targeted barbel over four 48-hour weekend sessions. The action kept getting better.

Nottingham-based Paul explained: “First weekend I had three carp to 23 lb and two scraper double-figure barbel and the second session I had nine bream.

“The third weekend I was back on the barbel banking fish of 16 lb, 12 lb and two scraper doubles.

“And the fourth weekend I caught fish of 14 lb, 13 lb, two low doubles and the magical 17-pounder.

“I prebaited with a kilo of boilies and this baiting pattern continued throughout my month’s fishing, putting this in ever other night,” he added.

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