A WHOPPING 30 per cent rise in the price of fishmeal in the past three months could be about to hit anglers in the pocket in the form of increased bait and groundbait bills, and the prospect of costlier day tickets.

An increase in the global demand for fishmeal coupled with supply problems have forced prices up dramatically, affecting the cost of boilies, pellets and groundbaits, along with feed for fish farmers and fishery owners.

Halibut pellets in particular have leapt in price by 50 per cent compared to just a few years ago, while coarse pellets have gone up over 30 per cent in a year and trout pellets by 17 per cent.

One of the biggest suppliers of fishmeal to the angling and fishkeeping trade is charging 30 per cent more than it was three months ago, putting pressure on groundbait manufacturers to put up prices.

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