ROY JONES recorded one of the best river roach braces for ages when he took these stunning redfins of 2 lb 12 oz and 2 lb 4 oz from the Hampshire Avon.

The retired warehouseman said: “I fished the middle Avon for three days in the wind and rain, struggling for a bite. The first two days I just had just one 12 oz roach.

“On the last day, the wind and rain was blowing again and I didn’t know whether to go home or fish on.

“So I went on the tip, as it was too windy for the float. I fished the block-end feeder with double red maggot on a 16 hook to 3 lb line.

“There was a bit of colour in the river, and I felt I might be lucky.

“I had some nice dace from the off up to 11 oz and then the tip went round and I was playing a big fish.

“When it came to the net, it was ‘panic stations’, it was the biggest roach I’d ever seen.

“I got it on the bank and I weighed it straight away. It went 2 lb 12 oz, a new PB – I was over the moon.

“I went back out on the feeder and 15 minutes later I was into another big fish. I couldn’t believe it when it came to the net – another big roach of 2 lb 4 oz.

“I had a few more dace through the day and the odd chub to 2 lb but I could see the rain was on the way so I took some pictures and called it a day,” concluded Hertford, Hertfordshire-based Roy.

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