JAKE WRIGHT didn’t let the weed put him off a little-fished swim as he tamed giant carp, Single Scale, at 55 lb.

The intimate Ashmead Fishery in Somerset was where Jake landed the impressive specimen.

Jake, 24, from Sparsholt, Hampshire, said: “I chose an area called the gallops after seeing a big mirror and a fully scaled called Patch.

“It was one of the weediest areas of the lake and didn’t look like it had been fished for a while due to the density of the weed.

“I chose two areas of the end of the point so it was a perfect point to intercept any moving.

“I raked a clear route in which I could get a rig into position, as line lay is always my biggest priority, especially on small heavily fished waters such as Ashmead.

“I baited the area with 25 CC Moore Oddessy XXX bottom baits and fished a matching hookbait on a curve shank.

“On the second morning I woke up to a screaming Neville and it was my left hand rod which had a low double common attached. After no dramas, I got the fish in the net.”

Ashmead action from single bleep

Jake continued: “As I was about to walk to my friend’s swim just down the bank, the rod gave a single beep and the bobbin was wedged between the roller of the alarm and the blank of the rod. I lifted into the fish which was heavily weeded.

“When I ran to get Dan and the boat, the fish was stripping line, through weedbed after weedbed, stripping it off of the line.

“About 50 yards the line was pointing straight down. I pulled and up came Single Scale, paused, then bolted off to another weedbed.

“After an hour and a half of getting towed around from weedbed to weedbed.

“We eventually netted her, all 55 lb. It was a healthy post spawning weight to say the least. What a big carp buzz!” concluded Jake.

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