ANIMAL rights activists have attacked a small tackle shop that has operated for more than 50 years, smashing both front windows.

Anti angling youths are believed to have stolen goods from the window display at Woodseats Angling, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

It happened during a night-time attack by two masked raiders who ran off when disturbed by residents.

The perpetrators boasted of their ‘hit’ on the Unoffensive Animal group on Facebook, including posting a picture of the shop boarded up the next day. That post has disappeared from public view.

When posting the image, they noted: “Any business profiting from the speciesist system is a target.

“Last night we headed to the local fishing shop and left some beautiful marks on the windows with a hammer.

“We hope it makes the owner realise we will be paying as many visits as needed until they are closed down.”

Anti angling incidents ‘very rare’

The tackle shop’s owner Mark Holmes was reluctant to say much about the anti angling incident because of fear of reprisals.

Mark told Angler’s Mail: “I quickly boarded the shop up in the morning and got the windows repaired the next day, so business wasn’t badly affected and I am insured.

“It is difficult to know what, if anything, was stolen as I’m not sure what exactly was in the window but they didn’t have time to grab much.”

The Angling Trust’s head of campaigns Martin Salter commented: “Thankfully appalling incidents like this are very rare and I can only recall three such cases in the past few decades. But we do need to be vigilant against animal rights extremists that have our lawful sport in their malevolent thoughts.”

Police confirmed that the windows of the shop were smashed and fishing equipment taken during the attack. Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 14 of 15 August 2018.

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