THE Environment Agency has come under fire from the Angling Trust and the National Anguilla Club for putting under pressure eels at risk.

The furore is a result of the Agency granting a licence to the Small Hydro Company, working with British Waterways, for two hydropower plants on the River Trent at Sawley and Gunthorpe.

The licence includes a clause that allows each of the two plants to kill 100 fish including eels every 24 hours.

The licence also allows up to ten game fish to be killed in a 24 hour period before the turbines are stopped. Eels are particularly vulnerable to turbines because of their length and their ability to get through screens designed to protect fish.

European eel stocks are at an all time low. In response, the Environment Agency has recently banned anglers and commercial eel fishermen from taking eels, and on the Trent there is a ban on any eels being taken above the tidal limit at any time.

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