THIS week’s Angler's Mail print magazine is easy to spot, with a HUGE golden orfe on the cover. Read about it exclusively inside the issue!

A brilliantly insightful new series starts this week in Angler’s Mail print magazine – with additives expert Archie Braddock.

Archie starts his Flavour of Fishing series, exclusively for the Mail, by telling the story of how flavouring baits transformed his angling.

There are exclusives too on the Pole v Waggler rematch; the double marathon angler; the sad end for zander; an ‘earthquake’ at a top UK lake; a big raid on a tackle shop.. and a close look at whether meat baits are dangerous to fish?

This week’s AM mag contains more exclusives, all in print:

  • Travel tips for foreign success
  • Carp fishing with Billy Flowers and Colin Davidson
  • Lee Kerry on preparing perfect groundbait
  • Close Season and merganser threat
  • Steve Collett goes after stillwater chub
  • Dave Coster on choosing the right hook styles
  • Andy Browne explains super spring baits
  • Bob Nudd’s career highlights
  • John Bailey and his lady target huge roach
  • Richard Howard’s New Gear picks

Are you going fishing soon? Find out the latest hotspots via the best Where To Fish coverage, by the Angler’s Mail team of regional experts. This too is only in print, in AM magazine.

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