THE Angling Trust has called upon clubs and venues to help the Environment Agency over rod licence enforcement as the body undergoes long-term cost savings.


As we revealed last week, the latest 200 job losses, with payouts to the tune of £9.2 million, could jeopardise fisheries work which rod licences largely fund.

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Angling Trust chief executive Mark Lloyd also wanted clubs and venues to do their bit to ensure anglers do not fish without a rod licence, and here we bring you the exact wording he suggests is used.

Like you, Mark Lloyd is a keen angler. Mark and the Trust have been busy, very busy, working for angling.

Mark Lloyd is a keen angler and he wants all anglers to buy a rod licence – and for clubs and venues to help stop unlicensed anglers fishing on their venues.

Mark said: “We recommend the following wording or similar:
 “All anglers on fishing club/fishery waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency (EA) licence at all times. All relevant EA bye laws will be observed on club waters.  Club bailiffs and all other members (on production of their own licence and permit) are authorised to check the EA Licence and proof of identity of any angler on fishing club/fishery waters. Failure to provide either could lead to expulsion from the club/fishery.”

“We also suggest that the following wording or similar should be included in the membership application or at the point of sale of day tickets:
 “By [becoming a member of the society/ club/ association] OR [buying a day ticket] you agree to be bound by the society/ club/association/fishery rules and the bye laws.  Rules may be changed by members at an AGM or EGM OR [by the fishery owner]. Society/ club/ association /fishery bye laws are established by the committee, from time to time.  Society/ club/ association rules and bye laws are published on notice boards and in the society/ club/ association handbook.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood them.”

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