AN EXPERIENCED angler drowned on the trip he won to British record pike water Llandegfedd Reservoir when his brand new lifejacket failed to save him.

An inquest heard that Angus Rae, 51, toppled into 30 ft of water from a boat when he suffered an epileptic fit.

Father-of-two Angus from Minsterley, Shropshire had bought the new £60 Parmaris self-inflating lifejacket for his trip to the famous venue.

The vast South Wales water produced the current British record pike in 1991 (pictured with captor Roy Lewis, above).

But, when required, Angus’ lifejacket did not turn him onto his back as he struggled in the water.

Rescue efforts by pal, rangers and paramedics

Angus’ friend Simon Ladd tried desperately to help with an oar but couldn’t save him.

Simon said: “Angus was at the stern of the boat when he suddenly he fell into the water. He was submerged under the water before the life jacket inflated and he came to the surface.”

Nearby anglers held him above the water by his shoulders before two reservoir rangers managed to pull him out. But despite being given CPR from the rangers and later paramedics he could not be revived.

Agus Rae

Angus Rae who tragically died at Llandegfedd.

The former tree surgeon had suffered two previous seizures in the months before the tragedy, the inquest at Newport was told.

His widow Alison, 51, wept as she told the inquest: “He had researched life jackets on the internet. He wasn’t concerned about fishing again because he was wearing his new life jackets and he felt safe.”

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