A CARP angler had to be taken to hospital after a fox 'attacked' him while he slept in his bivvy.


Dan Hedges had a nasty surprise at Orpington DAA local water Ruxley in Kent when at 4am a fox crept into his bivvy and clawed him.

Dan, 28, from Sidcup, Kent, said: “I had eaten a chicken and bacon sandwich. I finished it but he must have smelt it. I was woken up and saw the fox standing there.

“When I tried to get rid of him one of his feet scraped my face. It was surreal, to be honest.

“I was startled. and as I got up to get the fox away it somehow scratched my face. There was blood everywhere so I packed up fishing and went to the hospital.

“I don’t blame anyone, it was an act of nature. I had left the tent open so it could just walk in.

“I had seen the foxes hanging around when I have been there before and they’re not scared by anything,” he added.

Dan, who runs a mobile car repair firm, then went to the local hospital where his wound was glued and he was given a tetanus jab.

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