FORMER Angler’s Mail carp columnist and then Angling Adventurer Andy Little is having some brilliant chub on his local Hampshire Avon including this 6 lb 15 oz 8 dr beast.

Andy Little, who has just been inducted into the ‘Carp Fishing Hall Of Fame’, said: “I found myself with a couple of hours spare, I was soon looking into a very clear and low Hampshire Avon.

“After a fair bit of walking I settled into a swim that I know quite well where there is usually a decent shoal of chub.

“After 20 minutes drip feeding some maggots I was surprised when the float didn’t bury first trot through. I was fairly sure that the chub were feeding but I couldn’t buy a bite.

“After playing around with the float rig I eventually found a set up that got me a few bites. I ended up with the olivette right beneath the float and no shot down. Bingo!

“Six bites in the next hour and a half ended with me bumping two off but landing fish of 5 lb 8 oz, 5 lb 12 oz 8 dr, 6 lb 2 oz and this donkey of 6 lb15 oz 8 dr.”

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