THERE was only going to be one winner when this grey heron took a liking to this jack pike.

The amazing scenes were captured by ace lensman Roger Hatcliffe who told the Mail of what he witnessed.

Lincolnshire-based Roger said: ‘I was in a hide at Far Ings Nature Reserve at Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, waiting for anything interesting to show when this grey heron flew into view from another part of the lake and landed in front of the hide with the pike in its beak.

‘After dropping the pike several times it finally managed to turn it into a position to swallow it. This took quite a while and it must have been at least ten minutes actually swallowing the pike.

‘The heron then sat there for at least another 15 minutes with a very smug look on its face before flying off.’

For the full picture sequence of capture and swallowing, grab this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine. The shots are breath-taking!!