TWO English carp anglers have landed surely the greatest catch a huge carp ever, with an incredible full set of weights right up to 80-pounders!!

An issue not to be missed!

The full story of how Fox international specialists Shaun McSpadden and Scott Day hauled heavyweight after heavyweight is revealed in Angler’s Mail magazine this week.

The cover of our May 1, 2012 issue sees Shaun take pride of place with his best fish.

Experts now wonder whether the same venue, Rainbow Lake, could recapture the World carp record which stands at 99 lb.

Read about the monster carp that holds the crown, and other mega captures, by clicking HERE.

Click the video below to see Scott Day, one of the two ace anglers who made the monster catch, talking tackle for a competition in this exciting issue of Angler’s Mail…

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UPDATE! 101 lb World record carp to Austrian angler – story and pic HERE

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