PURSUIT - a TV fishing series we know many Angler's Mail fans will love - comes to Freeview channel, Quest, for spring/summer 2017.

Pursuit’s series 1 has six one-hour shows. It follows Angler’s Mail magazine columnist John Bailey and guests around Europe in search of their favourite fish at their best loved locations.

Waters seen during Pursuit include:

  • the famous Broadlands complex
  • stunning rivers Test and the Wensum
  •  great loughs of Ireland
  • superb venues in France

A second series is already in the making, as Mail readers will be aware. This  is due to come to screens this summer – also for free, via Quest and Quest+1.

Quest is part of the Discovery network, and has given angling great support in recent years.

Pursuit exec producer and director Lester Holcombe told Angler’s Mail: “Discovery were the first channel to really bring angling back to our TV screens. We are very excited that these great shows will now be available to the greatest possible audience base.

“Our aim has always been to take the wider message about all the great and positive things angling has to offer. And with Discovery we have a great opportunity here in the UK to do that.”

Pursuit shows are to be shown on each Sunday mornings, starting April 30. There are repeats the following Saturday mornings. Keep an eye on the TV Pick listing in Angler’s Mail magazine.

Pursuit episode guide

This show-by-show guide was provided to Angler’s Mail exclusively by the Pursuit team…

Episode 1 –  Boyhood memories at Broadlands   

We visit the stunning lakes and rivers of Broadlands near the south coast.

John hooks up with Crabtree fishing protege James and father and son anglers, Heath and Ethan.

It’s an angling trip reminiscent of his own boyhood fishing memories, fishing for a variety of species on river and lake.

Episode 2 – Paradise Found (Puyravaud)    

This episode is the first on a French road trip to France in the summer. John and the team head over to Etang Du Puyruvaud for a carp  session with  good friends.

A carp angler’s Eden it offers exciting action with big fish galore, lots of action and beautiful scenery.

Episode 3 – Our Carpman in Paris (Les Quis)

Continuing the French quest we arrive at Les Quis just south of Paris.

Le Quis was one of the first Carp destinations in France and has seen many of the top carp anglers grace its lakes.

Brimming with hard fighting large fish we see some innovative ways of catching with some frantic action.

Episode 4 – Pressure and Time (Peupliers & Planchette)

The final part of the French road trip and the heatwave shows no sign of letting up.

John and the team face their first big challenge as the weather is really against them and they are going to have to work for their supper.

See how they overcome these challenges at two stunning intimate venues with a few surprises.

Episode 5 – Through Irish Mists (Ireland)

In this episode we visit another of the great angling destinations, fishing the great loughs and lakes of Ireland.

A contrast from the summer heat of France we see the breathtaking vastness and scope of what Ireland offers the angler.

John again fishes with some great mates with once again challenges from the weather and we get to see a very rare fish seldom caught on camera.

Episode 6 – Last days of Summer (Norfolk)

We end our journey back in the UK with John getting in some Autumn fishing with two good friends on two of his favourite waters.

With the last rays of summer sun, John, Nash and Urban Banx star Alan Blair and top float-maker Andrew Field go after some late season tench. They got what they were seeking – see the picture of Alan and Andrew below.

Then John has a river chub fishing day to remember on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Wensum.

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