THE new Environment Agency coarse fishing rod licences will boast an image of one of Britain’s favourite river fish, the humble chub.


The new 2016-17 licence became available to purchase from Tuesday, March 1, and is designed by renowned angling and wildlife artist, David Miller.

Following a crucian carp on the coarse licence for 2015/16, the EA have kept anglers guessing, with fun online teasers, over what would be the star fish this time.

Newly crowned Angler’s Mail-Korum Specimen Cup 2015 champion Phil Smith applauded the artwork and species choice, noting: “Big chub are always welcome. They are one of the first big river species that novice anglers catch and are a real iconic species.”

Artist David Miller said: “Designing this year’s rod licence combines two of my passions: fishing and art. The Agency does a fantastic job and I’m proud to be supporting rod licence sales with my artwork.”

Valid from April 1

The 2016-17 licence is staying at £27 for a full adult yearly version and is valid from April 1 to the following March 31.

But there are plans to review the licence system this year and there’s a possibility future licences would become valid for 12 months from the date bought.

The salmon and sea trout licence is a salmon and David’s artwork has previously featured on a range of sustainable fish stamps for the Royal Mail.

Sarah Chare, EA head of fisheries, said: “All the money raised from rod licence sales is used to protect and improve fish stocks and fisheries benefiting anglers.

“We want more people to give fish a go and everyone who does will need one of these licences. We’re delighted to see David’s stunning designs which promote the beauty of our natural environment and encourage people to give fishing a go.”

Any adult caught without a licence can expect to be prosecuted and face a substantial fine. In 2014-2015, the EA checked 70,000 rod licences and prosecuted more than 2,000 anglers resulting in more than £500,000 in fines and costs. Buy your licence via the Post Office website.

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