ALL-ROUND spessy ace Neill Stephen showed he’s also got the carp knack when he took a new lake record at 60 lb 8 oz.

A 60 lb carp has been on Neill’s radar to add to his fantastic list of personal bests.

Neill co-holds the British perch record with a 6 lb 3 oz monster as well as having had a chub of 9 lb 5 oz that was only denied the record as it was weighed in a plastic bag for which no weight for be ascertained.

He also has caught 40 lb-plus pike, 17 lb-plus barbel, 4 lb rudd and a 3 lb 8 oz roach.

The 60 lb 8 oz carp smashed Neill’s PB when he tempted it at Wellington Country Park, a Berkshire syndicate venue.

The 42-year-old explained: “It was one of those fish that comes out of the blue when you least expect it.

“With a water temperature of 42 degrees I was chancing it at best, so it was a surprise to receive a twitchy take at first light and find myself connected to a carp.

“As it came to the net I recognised it as a real character called Scruffy Bob, one of the lake’s bigger mirrors with a previous top weight of around 57 lb.

“When it took my scales well over 60 lb I thought they must be out, so we weighed it again on another set and ended up with a weight of 60 lb 8 oz.

“Unbelievable… I remember catching my first double aged 11 and thinking that was a monster.

“It was one of those very special moments you live for as an angler when everything comes together, the planets align and you’re hit with a mother lode of good luck!

“Since April have mainly concentrated on ‘Welly’, I’ve caught 32 carp from there since I started in of April, with eight 40s and the Big Common at 54 lb 10 oz.

“I keep meaning to go for the tench in ‘Welly’ as there are a couple of big ‘uns but a lot of babies which have put me off,”  the Bupa worker told Angler’s Mail.

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