A SHOCKING 50 per cent slump in junior rod licence sales has been revealed, Angler’s Mail can reveal.


Junior rod licence sales in 2009 were a healthy 126,000. In the five years since there has been a drastic decline and last year just 64,000 12-16-year-old bought a rod licence for £5.

And it isn’t helping overall adult numbers either as the lack on junior and novices then buying a licence has seen a shocking 35 per cent decline in the same five-year period.

In 2009, the EA had a record breaking 1.5 million sales but that slumped to just over 975,000 last year.

The Agency has ambitions to hit the million mark this year but some expert fear the days of rod licence sales of one million plus are over.

Sarah Chare, head of fisheries at the EA, hopes a new £1 million contract they’ve given to the Angling Trust for next season will help bring more anglers into the sport.

Sarah said: “We are working hard with the Angling Trust to encourage more young people to give fishing a go.

Trust chief executive Mark Lloyd said: “The Angling Trust is determined to reverse the decline in junior participation.”


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