THE first really big unit has been caught from the newly opened up Nash Lakes... with this 52 lb mirror carp.

Michael Clements matted the magnificent mirror called the 4×4 from the Church Lake at Kevin Nash’s Essex complex.

Church and neighbouring Copse Lake had always been exclusive until this year but Michael was thrilled to get a winning bid accepted for one of the first opening five day stints.

Michael said: “I was lucky enough to spend a few nights fishing Kevin’s stunning Church Lake. It is a venue I have always wanted to fish but never thought the opportunity would come my way until he decided to open it to the public.

“The lake was even more beautiful than I imagined and a couple of large carp crashed out within minutes of being there. With the weather being unsettled the fishing proved very tricky and it was towards the end of my session that I finally received the bite I had been praying for.

“After trying a range of different tactics it was a switch to a pink Nash Key pop-up straight off the lead in the thickest weed I could find that proved successful.

“The bobbin lifted a couple of inches before dropping to the floor, indicating the lead had come off. After picking the rod up I was immediately forced to give line as a very powerful fish made the first of several long runs.

“After ten minutes or so the fish had ground to a halt in a weed bed 100 yards from where I had first hooked it. There was a point that I couldn’t feel any movement on the end and I was worried that the fish had come off.

“Hoping the fish was still attached, myself and the bailiff Les headed out in the boat to try and free the fish from the weed. After getting above the carp I was relieved when it was soon on the move once again and after several more powerful runs was expertly netted by Les. “Just as we got back to land Kevin Nash turned up and this made the moment even more special and one I will never forget.

“Even if I had blanked I can honestly say I had a fantastic week but the capture of this beautiful and huge carp made it even better.

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