Roach1THE report of a 4 lb 1 oz roach has got anglers buzzing this week though poor picture quality has thrown doubt on the catch.

Here Angler’s Mail brings you two more pictures of the fish – the best picture is in AM magazine – plus an expert’s full ID verdict.

The surprise capture made by Andy Uhl occurred during a carping session on a Manor Farm’s Winter Lake,  Bedfordshire .

On identifying the fish doctor Mark Everard AKA Dr Redfin told the Mail: ‘The lateral line count of 44 is OK but does Roach2not of itself exclude hybridisation

‘Dorsal and anal fins are collapsed so I am guessing 7-8 soft rays on dorsal (a bit less than I’d expect) but this is completely inconclusive as can’t see

‘The mouth shape is hidden but the ventral to dorsal alignment is spot on.

‘Superficially… looks roachy but the photo is inconclusive.

‘My conclusion, is that it is a shame that such a super fish is demeaned by poking it out to the camera!’


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