A RECORD-NUDGING 4 lb 3 oz roach plus an amazing catch of SIX over 3 lb means a British best is well on the cards.

The colossal roach fell just one ounce short of the official 4 lb 4 oz record held by Keith Berry from Northern Ireland in 2006. The latest giant came from top Suffolk syndicate Homersfield Lake.

The venue produced many big roach to 3 lb 12 oz in the 1980s and now a new era of huge roach has come through.

Norwich-based Ken Fuller captured the near record breaker, having targeted the species at the fishery over the past couple of years.

Ken has caught a number of specimens in both the 2 and 3 lb class but this was an absolute fish off a lifetime.

The 57-year-old explained: “It was caught on a helicopter feeder rig with a size 10 hook with small boilies to avoid the trillions of small roach.”

Roach identification thoughts

Big roach expert Mark Wintle viewed pictures of the 4 lb 3 oz giant and commented: “You can never be 100 per cent sure without a DNA test but it looks very roachy to me.

“It’s not a long fish but very deep-bodied and clearly full of spawn.

“I’m always cautious because I well remember years ago in the early days of DNA testing all experts said strongly that a fish was potentially a record sea trout, but when a DNA test was eventually done it proved to be a salmon.

“There are apparently no rudd in the water and it certainly isn’t a bream hybrid so I would say it is likely to be a true roach and a lovely fish,” he concluded.

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