FULL-TIME angling coach Steve Ward took his son Ryan for a pleasure session via a 250-mile round trip to the River Trent - and the effort really paid off with the pair sharing 11 double-figure barbel.


Steve (main picture) included a new Trent best for him of 14 b 7 oz and Ryan (below) a personal best 13 lb specimen in a phenomenal session.

Steve explained: “It was an eight hour trip and it produced the session of the year for us, with 28 barbel including 11 doubles.

“All were caught on 14mm 3 FT Furter Boilies using a 36 inch hook link in G-Force 15lb Blackout Braid with a size 8 G-Force wide gape hook.

“A fantastic session of fishing made even better with my son – happy days!” added Thame, Oxfordshire-based Steve.

ryan Ward

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