ANGLING projects around the country are to get an additional £200,000 boost to help boost numbers back into the sport and improve fisheries.

This extra money will go to the Angling Improvement Fund – which has already spent £115,000 of rod licence money on 31 projects this year – and will be spent between now and the end of March, and is expected to help fund up to 50 additional projects.

This fund, formerly known as the Fishery Improvement Fund, is administered by the sport’s governing body, the Angling Trust. Its purpose is to provide financial support to clubs and fisheries that are in need of urgent improvements to their facilities.

This is all part of the National Angling Strategic Services contract that the Trust entered into with the Environment Agency earlier this year and which is worth upwards of £1 million per annum.

At the time that contract was awarded it was stated that the amount could be higher, and now anglers are already seeing benefits from that clause, through this additional funding.

Apply for funding

The Trust’s national campaigns coordinator, Martin Salter, enthused: “We are keen to see as many good quality applications as possible to take advantage of this great funding opportunity to improve fishing and get more young people into our sport.

“Rod licence income is crucial to the future of angling, and the more licences that get sold, the more ourselves and the EA are able to do with that money.”

EA head of fisheries Sarah Chare revealed: “I’m looking forward to seeing great results, especially those which encourage young people to give fishing a go and those which rejuvenate under-used or neglected fishing spots.”

Any club or fishery can apply for funding of up to £5,000, and the Trust even runs workshops to help make a successful bid. Full details on how to apply can be found on the Angling Trust website.


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