BROTHERS Tony and Gavin Skeet had a session of a lifetime after the both banked pike over 30 lb topped by a 39 lb 6 oz specimen.

The pair were lucky to secure tickets for pike trials on Chew Valley Lake, Somerset, where Tony, 54, struck first with the big ‘un. Then Gavin, 47, got in the on the action with another heavyweight at 33 lb 12 oz.

Paddock Wood, Kent-based Gavin, told the Mail: “We had settled in 20 ft of water; Tony had cast half a mackerel 30 yards out from the boat. As I was about to cast my first bait out, he said ‘I’m away!”

With the 39 lb 6 oz fish boated for Tony, there was joy later on for Gavin. Having moved behind Denny Island, Gavin’s float started to move towards the boat. “The float just buried, I wound down and the rod was nearly ripped out of my hands!” he said.

Tony’s catch was a weekly winner in Angler’s Mail magazine, where this awesome joint session was reported in full. He wins £100 of Korum tackle in the Korum Specimen Cup, exclusively to the magazine.


Gavin Skeet with his 33 lb 12 oz pike, the second of two heavyweights.

The Skeets’ giants follow hard on the heels of a 42 lb 8 oz pike from Chew to Brian Ingram, reported in the Mail.


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