TWO anglers celebrated their close friendship with a recently deceased pal – by making his ashes into boilies!

Ron Hopper passed away last year and his final wish for his remains to be used to make boilies for bait and taken back to Thailand where the Hull, East Yorkshire trio had enjoyed a brilliant two previous fishing holidays.

So Cliff Dale and Paul Fairbrass returned to Jurassic Mountain Resort with his ashes and then caught a rake of fish on the ‘Purple Ronnie’ boilies.

Ron had caught a 154 lb Siamese carp last year and Cliff and Paul wanted to catch the same fish but ended up catching an even bigger one at 180 lb using one of the special boilies.


Cliff Dale and Paul Fairbrass honoured their mate Ron in big style, after making his ashes into special boilies, according to his wishes.

Three-hour battle in Thailand

Cliff said: “This visit to Thailand was dedicated to Ron and the things he asked Paul and myself to do we have both achieved. It was a brilliant day when we used Ron’s boilies and the special part was when I hooked into a 180 lb carp.

“It took me and Paul three hours to land it. We said before we came if we get the Big One on and both of us needed help we would land this between us and that is what we did.

“Ron is with us in spirit and soul, and I will never forget the week we all had last year. Tight lines in heaven,” he added.


Ron (left) caught this giant last year, but later passed away from cancer.

Ron caught 154-pounder last year

Jurassic Mountain joint owner Eddie Mounce said: “Unbelievably – and actually quite eerily – was Cliff and Paul using their dead friend Ron’s ashes but have honoured him to the highest level after their latest capture from Ron’s favourite peg where he caught a 154lb carp a year earlier.

“They brought Ron’s ashes along with a squid base mix and made the boilies up once they got here.

“They had such a good time last year all three had already paid their deposits for this year but sadly Ron couldn’t come but it is smashing how Cliff and Paul have remembered him,” added Eddie.

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