THE first truly big catfish of 2016 has been matted – at a whopping 127 lb 4 oz.


Mark Fasey took the fish from Norfolk’s Oakwood Park Lakes – formerly called Witch Lake – and it is possibly the biggest in the UK.

Essex-based Mark explained: “It was the first fishing trip of the year. Me and my mate Bradley arrived in sunshine but this soon turned to wind and rain.

“It was just after 8 pm when my Hutchinson 12 ft 3 lb rod sprung into life.

“It gave an epic battle and roughly 40 minutes later we got it in and it was well over 6 ft long.

“We also had another cat of about 30 lb but didn’t weigh it. Roll on our next trip – who needs France when we have Oakwood Park.”

Mark offered mackerel on a size 1 Eagle Wave hook with a 70 lb hook length of 60-70 cm with a 3 oz lead.

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