GRAHAM STONEHAM landed a monster 104 lb catfish from the Darenth complex in Kent – but, incredibly, the venue has an even BIGGER one!


Graham Stoneham 104lb cat

The 39-year-old, from Gravesend, struck near the end of a four-night session on the Long Lake when the whiskered beast took a big lump of luncheon meat over a bed of pellets.

Graham enthused: “I only really fish for cats a few times a year and have been on a bit of a roll, with fish of 84 lb 8 oz and 56 lb on my last trip.

“The 104 isn’t even the biggest one in there as we checked the photos, and it isn’t the known big ‘un.

“It came on my last night when everyone else had gone home and the fish went on the feed, and the fight was unreal, lasting around 45 minutes – when they want to go you just can’t stop them. We couldn’t get it to go in the net so my mate Kieron Steel jumped in, bundled the head in and pushed the tail in after it.”

The lake giant follows a near-100 lb catfish caught from a river – one of the sport’s biggest talking points this year in the UK.

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