FLY fishing isn’t a method that most people would associate with catching big carp, but all-rounder Dave Ball has just landed his 100th fish over 20 lb on it!

The all-round specimen ace, from New Malden, Surrey, has notched up the impressive tally off of the surface from a variety of waters, and his local day ticket venues Thorpe Lea and Willingshurst have produced a lot of them.

Dave has landed fish to 30 lb 2 oz on the fly but had been struggling to finally break the ton, in terms of numbers of 20s, due to the wet and windy weather we’ve been having.

He finally managed it though when he landed a 20 lb 2 oz mirror from Thorpe Lea, followed days later by his 101 st, a stunning 23 lb 3 oz common.

Dave explained: ‘I seriously started fishing for them about eight years ago when my wife broke her leg and was in hospital near Chertsey, and it meant I could get to Thorpe Lea for a couple of hours when visiting finished as it was only up the road.

“I caught seven carp the first evening I went and have been hooked ever since. Prior to that I’d done some fly fishing, but only a few trips after trout each year.”

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