RETAIL giant Go Outdoors are offering a pint of maggots for just a quid!

With most stores nationwide charging over £3 a pint, the new deal is matched by Hull Angling Centre, East Yorkshire, to the Mail’s knowledge.

The amazing maggot price is available throughout June and possibly beyond at Go Outdoors’ flagship angling store in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Go Outdoors have invested considerably in angling retail, and designed a concept centre for Stoke, which opened to the public last week.

The low cost maggots are from Willy Worms – a value supplier which charges punters a normal £2.65 direct. You can also help yourself to 800 gram bag of Rod Hutchinson halibut pellet also for £1 as part of a series of ‘wow’ deals from Go Outdoors.

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