THE Environment Agency have openly released their figures for the 2014/15 financial year for the first time – and it makes interesting reading.


The EA’s Annual Fisheries Report has just been published and was released by the Angling Trust who are now heavily linked with the Agency.

The report shows £21.4 million was raised from 1.2 million rod licence sale, and all of that was spent on improving fisheries.

Some 34 per cent of it was spent on work undertaken by the EA’s 23 operational area teams.

A further 32 per cent on support for the local and national teams, including things such as vehicles, IT and legal services.


The bulk of the money – 38 per cent – goes towards fisheries enforcement such as checking rod licences and stopping poaching, with fisheries monitoring and responding to incidents also accounting for larger amounts of the total funds.

That included the EA getting involved with the National Crucian Conservation Project, which was set up to address concerns about loss of habitat and other threats to the species. During the summer of 2015 the EA stocked over 60,000 crucians into suitable fisheries.

2015-16-Rod Licence image trout and coarse


The report also shows just how the EA is at responding to major incidents, including illegal fishing and pollutions, with 719 fisheries related call-outs during the year.

The most serious category 1 and 2 incidents saw attendance of 96 and 94 per cent respectively, with even the less serious one being attended around two-thirds of the time.

Some of the money was also spent on combating fish diseases and educating fishery owners on how to reduce the risks, as well as getting rid of invasive species such as topmouth gudgeon – with 18 out of 21 confirmed sites having had them eradicated.

You can find out more about the projects in your area here.

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