ONE of the most desirable carp in the country – this stunning 48 lb 8 oz common – graces our pages in one of our favourite catch photos of the year.

Known as the The Wood Common is a venue best for Airfield Lakes, near Diss, Norfolk which recently opened to the public, albeit with limited opportunities.

Carp TV presenter Joe Morgan was the lucky man at Airfield’s Spitfire Lake and the Colchester, Essex-based ace told the Mail that after an initial blank session at Spitfire he ‘fell in love with the place.’

‘I started to become obsessed with the big ‘un, which just looked ridiculously impressive… huge in all proportions, not a single mark on it and that incredible dark sheen!’ raved Joe.

‘I managed to persuade Rich (Wilby, venue boss) into letting me return so before I left a trickled a bit of bait onto a couple of spots where I’d seen the big girl. When I got home I checked my calendar and texted Rich a couple of possible dates that I was free that also happened to coincide with good moon phases.’

For the full story and catch picture, read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine.