ONE of the biggest pike of the season has been landed by a fly angler at Anglian Water’s Pitsford Reservoir.

Captor Gary Morris and pal Clive Morgan were boat fishing for their favourite rainbows and brownies at the day ticket water when the estimated 40 lb-plus monster struck.

Clive, who used to pike fish and had four 20-plussers to 24 lb, said: ‘The fish was absolutely massive, it was definitely from 40 to 45 lb in weight. When we got it in the boat it was just like a crocodile.

‘It was just hooked in the scissors so Gary was able to land it despite using a 12 lb fluorocarbon leader.

‘It fell to a Big Sparkler tube fly about three inches long that is meant to imitate roach fry.

‘Surprisingly it didn’t fight for that long and we got it in the boat after about ten minutes. It looked like a shark when it first came to the surface,’ he added.

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